2009 in pictures, part 2

Robwalk.JPGReds director of media relations Rob Butcher patroling the scene during batting practice this summer.


Butcher flanked by assistant directors of media relations Jamie Ramsey (left) and Larry Herms (right).


Milwaukee Brewers director of media relations Mike Vassallo is seen here taking batting practice prior to a Brewers game in Cincinnati.

Mr. Steinlegs2.JPG

Brewers media relations manager John Steinmiller, no relation to Mr. Redlegs.


Cincinnati Reds official scorers Mike Cameron (left), Ron Roth (center) and Mike Jones (right). At any given time, two of these guys are making the official scoring decisions.


George Grande, myself and Chris Welsh in the FS Ohio booth during a road trip to Milwaukee.  I helped out the crew by doing stats for these guys on a few trips this year.


This was taken at the end of the season party, following the final game on October 4.  From left to right, Ramsey, myself, intern Brian Buckey, Welsh, Grande, Herms and Butcher.


A final goodbye from Hal and George.

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures and the stories to go along with them.  Stay tuned this off-season!


One comment

  1. reds1977


    Thanks for all of the info this year. The pics, stories, lineups, everything. If it has to do with the Reds and the people that bring me closer to the team, then I’m all ears. Or eyes.

    Thanks again.


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