2009 in pictures, part 1

Throughout this past season, I found myself taking tons of pictures.  You have seen many of them, but a few just couldn’t be squeezed in at the time.  Enjoy part 1 (of 2) of my pictures that just couldn’t find a home earlier this season.


A view of the ballpark from CF just before the season started in early April.


A nice shot from atop Mt. Adams with views of Great American Ball Park and the bridges over the Ohio River.


Head groundskeeper Doug Gallant and his crew getting the field ready before a game.


The backdrop used for the Civil Rights Game press conferences that I assembled and disassembled too many times.


The damage to my ride from a hit and run incident that occured during a 16 hour work day. Not a good sight to come back to, especially after getting the $1000 bill.


Game 1 of our August 31st doubleheader vs Pittsburgh.


Mascot chaos.


A shot of the Roebling Suspension Bridge during a breathtaking day at the ballpark.

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!


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