Gamenotes 4-8-09 vs NYM

Gamenotes 4-8-09 vs NYM.pdf


Reyes 6
Murphy 7
Wright 5
Delgado 3
Beltran 8
Church 9
Schneider 2
Castillo 4
Pelfrey 1



Hairston 8
Dickerson 7
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Encarnacion 5
Hernandez 2
Gonzalez 6
Volquez 1


Jim – Do you know the name of the song played in the middle of the ninth inning on Opening Day? I have heard it before at games in the 9th. Just wondering and thought you might know or have access to someone who knows…Russ

I think you are looking for:

“Stop The Rock” by Apollo 440.



Hope all is well with you today. Do you have anything to say to encourage Reds fans concerned that 2009 will be just another sorry losing season? As you can see in my blog, I have no problems criticizing the ballclub.

Please understand that I was born the year Pete Rose was a Rookie on the Reds. I enjoyed Cincy Baseball as a Reds’ fan during the Big Red Machine of the 1970s. We were spoiled almost yearly. I’m also a Pete Rose fan as well; always have been.

Well, the Reds staying in the losing column over most of the last decade to me is about as bad as Rose being permanently banned from MLB. Sadly, Mr. Rose has earned his banishment, but Reds’ fans deserve better than the seemingly endless losing years.

I do hope to write very positive stories on the Reds over this hear. By the way, as my blog says – all I’m asking for is an 82-80 Record from the Reds – that would make my season.

Take care…Good Luck, Reds…

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