Infield grass once again

Yesterday brand new sod was put down on the infield of Great American Ball Park.  Multiple flatbed trucks brought in the new grass in giant rolls, see below.


field_sod3.JPGThe last time sod was replaced at GABP was after the 2006 season.  Read below for GABP public safety officer Tim Brown’s account:

“When we had the TallStacks Riverboat Convention on the Ohio River in 2006,  the Budweiser Clydesdales were stabled inside the tunnel, between the GABP Command Center and centerfield entrance.

Visitors downtown for the convention were allowed to walk in and walk through a roped off area to see the horses and the wagons.

At the same time that was going on… the entire field from left field to right field and into the infield – removed, and new turf put down.

It only took one morning, about 8 am – 11 am to remove ALL the turf and took a little more than that the next day to put down new turf.”

Tim also provided this video:
Budweiser horses_TallStacks.mpg


One comment

  1. rosehof14

    At least tell me they are going to sell the old grass as mementos of the stadium like the Yanks did with their old stadium grass. Use the money to off set some of the costs of the new grass and use the rest to put into player development or maybe some way to get the stadium open for BP so more fans can get baseballs!


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