Home of the Braves

Atl1.JPGTurner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves.


11 straight playoff appearances (1995-2005).  Amazing.


Jim Day breaking it down on Reds Live.


First pitch of game 1 of the series.  Take note of the extra large, high-definition scoreboard.  I don’t think I have seen a better one yet.  Pictures don’t do it justice, the clarity is unreal.


The Atlanta Braves are “the longest continuously operating franchise in Major League Baseball.”  The Reds began in 1869 and operated through the 1879 season.  From 1880 through 1889, the Reds were expelled from the National League, in part for selling beer at their games.  They started up again in 1890 and have been active since.  Here is a list names that the Braves have gone by since their creation in 1871: Boston Red Stockings 1871-1882, Boston Beaneaters 1883-1906, Boston Doves 1907-1910, Boston Rustlers 1911, Boston Braves 1912-1935, Boston Bees 1936-1940, Boston Braves 1941-1952, Milwaukee Braves 1953-1965 and Atlanta Braves 1966-present.


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