Flying Reds

The following members of the Reds organization participated in the 11th Annual Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati on Sunday, May 3.

Zach Bonkowski, entertainment, events and productions  3:49:07  819/4014 
Lance Bucher, ticket operations  3:31:42  392/4014
Rob Butcher, media relations  3:28:23  317/4014
Charley Frank, Reds Community Fund  3:54:36  991/4014

Jennifer Berger, entertainment, events and productions
Kathryn Braun, entertainment, events and productions  2:08:20  2801/8577
Casandra Ersel, corporate sales  2:03:28  2190/8577
Sam Grossman, baseball operations  1:50:28  839/8577
Jamie Ramsey, media relations  1:56:41  1425/8577
Lori Watt, corporate sales  1:55:21  1263/8577
Todd Wuest, ticket operations  2:01:02  1907/8577

Cincinnati Flying Pig 2009 051.jpg

Seen here resting comfortably after their run are (front row, left to right) Zach Bonkowski, Rob Butcher, Casandra Ersel and Kathryn Braun.  Back row left to right are Jennifer Berger, Melissa Roach and Jamie Ramsey.

The Pig Girls.JPG

Lori Watt, Kathryn Braun and Casandra Ersel show off their hardware after completing the half-marathon.  That’s 13.1 miles to the rest of us.

Here are some action shots in front of Great American Ball Park, courtesy of Reds public relations manager Michael Anderson.




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