Great Taste. Less Filling.

Good to get the win last night.  It’s also good to be back home and enjoy some of my favorite things in Milwaukee.  I spent two years working for the Brewers and made some great friendships here.  Although I’m only here a few days, I’m eating more meals than I should… just to see everyone and hit all the great food spots (which Milwaukee has many of).  If you ever want any suggestions about Milwaukee, just ask.  I’d be happy to offer my suggestions. The Reds visit Milwaukee twice more this year, so maybe I’ll post some spots to hit while in the Cream City later this year.  It’s not a bad drive, about six and a half hours.  I’d recommend it for a road trip this summer, there’s really more to do here than you think.  In the meantime, enjoy these pictures from Miller Park.


Here are the Reds stretching before last night’s game.  I know it looks like they are spelling out O-H-I-O, but trust me, they are just stretching.  


While in Milwaukee, I am lucky enough to do “stats” for FS Ohio.  That’s my seat on the left.  Next to me is Thom Brennaman and Chris Welsh.  When doing stats, I am responsible for providing the broadcast team with any useful information about the game, statistics, pitch counts and while in Milwaukee, sausage race standings.  You can thank me for last night’s spring training grand slam stat (the Reds led all spring training clubs with 5 grand slams).


Seen here on the far right is the seat of Hall of Fame radio broadcaster Bob Uecker.  He was sitting there earlier, but he had to “Get up, get up, get outta here, gone!”



  1. cubsjunkie2

    I was at the game last night! I go to school in Waukesha and got tix to the game for $2. I was rooting for the Reds because I can’t stand the Brewers. Being a Cubs fan I couldn’t cheer for the Brewers but after last nights game I am kinda hoping cheering for the Reds won’t come back and bite me in the butt in september.


  2. morethanafreelin

    Great posts JM – especially the pics. I always wondered what information the announcers had at their disposal during the game. Do they usually have a tv screen handy for replays or to see balls and strikes better? If so, do they find themselves watching the screen more than the actual game? Just curious. Keep up the good work.
    -Dave in Indy

  3. Jim_Misudek

    During games, the announcers have a screen with the same picture you see at home, nothing extra. You will find most announcers watch the actual game more than the screen. They will typically use the screen when explaining replays, reading ads or graphics or analyzing stats on the screen. As for stats, there is always someone sitting next to them researching game stats or the production truck will relay information to them through their headsets.


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