Saturday Morning at Fountain Square

Crowd 1.JPGQuite the crowd was on-hand at Fountain Square this morning for the 9:00 a.m. sale of Opening Day tickets.  An estimated 300 people waited in line.

Joe Z and Friends.JPG

Reds PA announcer Joe Zerhusen, Mr. Redlegs, Rosie and Gapper kept the crowd entertained with various events.  A dozen doughnuts were devoured by this group.

Zach with mic.JPG

Reds promotional events manager Zach Bonkowski (with mic) interviewed various fans and handed out prizes for Reds knowledge.  Shown here is a confused fan trying to figure out which Reds coach is nicknamed “Porky.”  The answer of course is Reds bullpen coach Juan Lopez.

Rosie in Line.JPG

You’d think Rosie wouldn’t have to wait in line for tickets.

Ticket computers.JPGThe Reds ticket crew did their best to keep the line moving.  The average transaction took only 90 seconds to complete.

Strunk jersey.JPGThe Reds and Gapper presented Sherry Strunk with a personalized jersey for being first in line.

Duncan jersey.JPG

Reds fan Dawn Duncan was also presented with a personalized jersey.  She was second in line for Opening Day tickets.  Those are tears of joy.

Strunk media.JPG

Sherry Strunk speaks with the media about her experience of waiting in line since Thursday morning for the opportunity to purchase Opening Day tickets.

Strunk tickets.JPG

Mission accomplished.


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