Gamenotes 3-19-09 vs Bos

Gamenotes 3-19-09 vs Bos.pdf

TODAY’S GAME: Is the third of the Reds’ 4 spring training games vs the Red Sox…they meet again here at Sarasota’s Ed Smith Stadium on Wed, 3/25 (1:05)…on 2/27 the Red Sox beat the Reds 16-5 at Ft. Myers…on 3/3 the Reds beat Boston 9-8 at Ft. Myers.

YESTERDAY’S MINOR LEAGUE: RHP Micah Owings in a minor league game vs Tampa Bay Rays went 4.1ip, 9h, 7r, 6er, 5k, 1hb (71TP, 51K)…at the plate he went 1-2 with a solo homer…Alex Gonzalez went 1-4, with double (2r, 1bb, 2k)…Norris Hopper went 2-5 with a solo homer and a double (2r, 2k).

ON THE HILL: Relievers available in the Reds bullpen today are RHP Francisco Cordero, LHP Aaron Fultz, RHP Jeff Kennard, RHP Mike Lincoln, RHP Josh Roenicke and RHP David Weathers.


Baldelli 8
Lowrie 6
Wilkerson 3
Bailey 9
Carter 7
Green 4
Chavez 5
Brown 2
Lester 1



Taveras 8
Gonzalez 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Encarnacion 5
Dickerson 7
Tatum 2
Arroyo 1

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