Great American Lunch Break

Consider this my bid for endorsements.  I hope executives from these companies are reading… 

The hours required to work in media relations are often very demanding, especially during the season.  The downtown location of Great American Ball Park makes it easy to get food on the go and bring it back to the ballpark.  All the places listed below are within walking distance of the ballpark and part of my regular rotation. 

Usual Order: Footlong ham and cheese on wheat or honey oat.  Toasted, American cheese, lettuce and light mayo.  Diet Coke and chips. 
Subway is the closest option for food to GABP.  In addition to proximity, Subway is also the healthiest option on the list.  The smart food options make it acceptable for me to eat there 2-3 times a week.

Usual Order: Value menu mix and match.  I’ll usually have some mix of cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches and fries.  And again, one of my favorite beverages on the planet, Diet Coke.
You can find me enjoying square burgers about once a week.

Usual Order: #1 (ham and provolone), no tomato, skinny chips and DC (addict-speak for Diet Coke).
Jimmy John’s is an old college favorite.  Their promise, “subs so fast, you’ll freak.”  And I do every time.  I’ll have JJ’s about once every week or so.  Subway’s proximity to the ballpark often makes it the favorite over Jimmy John’s.  It should also be noted that I have attended a Jimmy John’s restaurant with a John (John Steinmiller, Milwaukee Brewers media relations manager).  Surprisingly, you don’t eat for free when a Jimmy and a John show up together.

Usual Order: Chicken burrito, chips, Diet Coke.
Chipotle is the furthest walk from GABP, but worth it.  I would walk across the desert if there was a Chipotle on the other side.  The Fountain Square location is always busy at lunchtime.  The wait is usually about 15 minutes, but again, worth it.  You can find me in line about 2-3 times a week.  Worth it.

Lunch Map.gif

Every once in a great while, I’ll pack a lunch.  It is often much more time efficient for me to run out for a few minutes and bring something back.  Since moving to Cincinnati, I have not yet jumped on the Skyline Chili wagon.  However, LaRosa’s and Montgomery Inn are a few of my local favorites.  I even have a bottle of Montgomery Inn sauce in my refrigerator. 

While on the subject, let me thank the good people at the Coca-Cola company.  Coke is now the exclusive provider of soft drinks at GABP.  With the advent of Diet Coke to the press box, expect stock prices to soar. 

While I am propositioning for endorsements, let me mention Nike and Mercedes Benz.  They produce fine products as well.



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